Happy New Year, 2022!

January 01, 2022, is not just another “today”. It is the forefront of “the clean pages of a whole year ” simply waiting for every one of us to write our hustles, struggles, cognizance and achievements, and what greatness we’ll pull from within. But regardless of how you enter 2022, still, YOU MADE IT! So whether you weren’t to add one title at the end of your name, failed to acquire that dream car, or an accolade to your resume, THAT IS PERFECTLY FINE!

How about your 2022 resolutions? Argh! As for me, I am not really a fan of resolution – the New Year’s resolution per se for two (2) main reasons.

. . . because it doesn’t really work!

I have thought of these are mere dreams and sort of wishes with unclear target dates, somehow like a generic way that doesn’t involve any actions to be done. Same thing as trying to win on a lottery without even spending and purchasing a ticket. IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

. . .well defined!

Even if your resolutions were well-defined —not as desires, they should be achievable goals. Certainly, it has nothing to do with

And secondly, because even if resolutions were well defined—not as desires, but as achievable goals— You should set goals when you need to achieve things, no matter the season it is. Moreover, the time it takes you to reach them can vary. It can take one month or two years, depending on how big or small the goal is, the time you can spend on it, and how effective you are.

But for this year (2022), I have some sort of a resolution. That is to improve a skill that is of utmost significance for most of the things I face every day. From performing numerous tasks effectively to ensuring I maintain the health check of interpersonal relationships with others. So, I will focus on MY ATTENTION and HOW I PERCEIVE A THINGS. Enough for so much caveating from my end. Here it goes.

Perseverance means a lot.

If you are working hard on something you extremely wanted in your life – PERSEVERE! If other people utter words against your dreams such as “crappy” “unattainable” “make-believe” or “merde” (French word), but something innately in you knows that there’s something special in them- then, JUST PERSEVERE! Surpass through all things that get thrown at you. I’ve seen people after so many “Nos” and rejections, who managed to persevere until they finally achieve their goals that others never thought possible for them. Well, the difference between success and failure is that perseverance.

Putting yourself in other people’s shoes.

Questions like, “What is going through their heads and how would I react if that was me?”. Very basic. Yet, it is something most of us disregard and never decided to do because our instinct is always to look after ourselves.

Prefer the REAL conversation.

Don’t interrupt while the other person is speaking. Do not prepare your reply to a “not” emergency SMS while the other person speaks; the last thing that he or she says may change the meaning of what has already been saying. Shut down your internal dialogue while listening. Avoid daydreaming. It is impossible to attentively listen to someone else and your own internal voice at the same time.

The Pomodoro Technique.

Maximize this technique at work since it is effective in lessening distractions and giving an immediate boost to your productivity. This will also allow breaks throughout your day, so you know when you’ll get to disconnect and be distracted with something else for a moment.

Embrace boredom.

Contrary to what others believe it to be, boredom is not a bad thing. People nowadays are trying to normalize the word “busy” and disregard “downtime“. Sometimes we need to take a step back and fully direct our energy where it matters. Embrace downtime more.


The arrival of a new year presents a moment to set goals and reconsider what’s possible. Dream big! Don’t let distractions stand in your way! Do something new! Provide yourself with a dash of inspiration as you set your 2022 resolutions. Happy New Year everyone!!!

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