BULLETS that MATTER: Strike that swipe of color!

“Flowers in the city are like lipstick on a woman — it just makes you look better to have a little color.” – Former First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson

Bullets? Yes! And I’m referring to BULLET LIPSTICKS! A hint of rouge on a woman’s face makes it the highlight of her look. Our go-to makeup, either a quick fix or for a polished look and from drab to diva. When chosen carefully, it pulls off everything. And voila! You will stand out.

This pandemic, before e-meetings, my girl FRIENDS will glide on a taupe mauve (MOOD) and a tomato red shade (HOT SAUCE) lipstick, take a selfie, send it to us with a line “Here comes the (girl)boss!”. These are two of my favorite shades from Sunnies Face’s Fluffmate Edition as they are labeled as the ultimate girl-boss color. It is their way of elevating their confidence as they thrive in a male-dominated world. Since a fast-paced lifestyle is taking a toll on us, nowadays, many women got into a new level of sisterhood through these fabulous bullets. Such women are AMBITIOUS, FLIRTATIOUS, and FIERCE. And their common denominator? Bullet lipsticks in BOLD colors!

photos are grabbed from google images and not of the writer’s own.

Confident, powerful and up-for-the-challenge is an instant feeling after applying it. The reason why their aura radiates being in control and more attractive.

Millions are being sold worldwide, so whether you’re a millennial, a wannabe, a late bloomer, or one that is assertive in ascending the corporate ladder, there is always one or two bullet lippies that you could say that belongs to me.”

Nowadays, bullet lipstick collections are getting more personalized. It is becoming pigmented (one swipe and you get that full coverage), soft and buttery, and with a suede matte finish. The staying power is enough to cover all the time you need to spend while chit-chatting with your entire office, too. You’ll also love the scents ranging from popcorn, caramel, coffee, chocolates, and berries.

Whatever the reason, Bullet lipsticks have been around the market through the ages to enhance, put attention to lips, needless to say, adding a pop of color to a woman’s overall physical look and to express their individual uniqueness.

So, shop now! Be surprised with the confidence it can give you.

***Opinions expressed here are the writer’s own and not by the entire WordPress organization.

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