Go! GINGER Catssss!! πŸ’•

Who could forget the classic tiger-cat Garfield? How about Orangey from Breakfast at Tiffany's? And the ever-famous Puss in the Boots in the movie Shrek? These are among the most popular ginger cats in the world. Because of these cat personalities, many of us believed that ginger cats have a very warm personality signifying their fur color.

Ginger cats are known for their distinct color that comes in varying shades. From marmalade, red, orange and gold. Its tiger-like appearance, friendly and playful personalities contribute to their feline popularity. But don't forget that cats are individuals and you may have a bossy one or one with a hot temper, tends to be fiery and enraged.


They are "most of the time" called tiger cats because of their orange coloring and striped pattern.

**Ginger cats display special kind of pattern in their orange coats – they are never solid orange. So being a ginger cat is NOT a breed BUT a discoloration.

**Their hair can either be long hair or short hair, depending on their breed.

**These breeds are more likely to exhibit ginger fur than others. Some of the common ginger cats are the Abyssinian, Bengal, Egyptian Mau, Munchkin, and Persian.

**Blame it to the pigment called pheomelanin. The same pigment that is responsible for human red hair.

**Tabbies!! One of the most common exhibited by both wild and domestic felines and is easily distinguished by an M-shaped marking on the forehead.

**Its lifespan is not specific to their coloring. They have the same average lifespan as does the particular breed of felines they belong to.

**The reputation? Oh! they are known for being friendly and affectionate, more so than other patterns like the tortoiseshell cat. Individual temperament is largely determined by the cat’s breed.

**Roughly 80% of ginger cats are male. Female ginger cats are less common because they must inherit two copies of the ginger gene from their parents to exhibit the orange coloration.

**Most ginger cats are solid orange with tabby markings, though you may also come across bi-color ginger cats which are typically orange and white.

**Many ginger cats develop black freckles on their faces. They most commonly appear on the lips, nose, and gums.

**Ginger tabbies are popular in film and TV. Hello! We have Garfield! Orangey! Puss! And I am sure there's still a lot out there - around the world.

Big hug to Ginger Cats!

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